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From: [Insert Your Name Here]

Dear Friend,

Buried in a mountain of bills and debt before your eyes? Not having enough money for yourself at the end of the month? Need better finance management so you can finance your child(ren)'s college education and get all the wonderful things that you want in life?

By now, you definitely realize that it's not really how much money you make, but ultimately how much money you keep.

It's a crying shame - quite a number of highly paid executives, CEOs and officers today keep almost as much money as the janitors who clean the office building at the end of the month, even though their monthly salaries print 4 to 5 figures.

The culprit: horrible finance management!

"Well, Here's Something You Really Need To Know..."

I'm not surprised if you're not convinced by this fact because after all, most people are conditioned to (sub-consciously) think that financial advisor's businesses are OTHER PEOPLE's finances.

This is a valid fact, no doubt, but I'd like you to quickly indulge me in this brief exercise:

Who's Making The Hard Earned Money For You, And Who Should Be Using Your Money?
Your financial advisor.

The answer: none other than you!

Now, there's nothing wrong with discussing and letting financial advisors take a serious role in managing your finances. After all, it IS their job. But ultimately, YOU are the best finance manager for your own personal finance. And no one else!

Because whether you work with financial advisors and brokers, ultimately YOU decide how much and where your money flows.

And what if you're not surrounded by financial advisors? It doesn't matter really. Whether you're a 1-man army or sit in the same table with financial gurus, how you spend your money is YOUR sole responsibility.

But you're in urgent need of money. You have big plans in the pipeline, such as financing your child's education, getting a bigger house or car, etc. You're definitely tired of bringing back little or no money after a month's worth of turmoil and hard work (and I feel you DON'T deserve it).

You're thinking - there has to be a way to take control of your finances immediately and stretch every dollar effectively and then bring in more returns for you.

That's where my manual fills in.

Klutz's Guide To Becoming A Personal Finance Guru! 2nd Edition

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In this guide written in layman terms, learn how YOU can enjoy the lifestyle of living LARGE even on a small budget!

And You'll Learn Things Like:

6 ways to instantly take control of your personal finances and cut your ties with total chaos!
The art of budgeting (no, it's not the art of living cheap). Find out how you can easily stretch every dollar in your pocket and live a happier life!
Organize your finances in a blink eye by learning simple-to-use techniques in assessing your current financial situation,
How to efficiently plan for your retirement, household, insurance and legacy - short to long term,
Make your money "boomerang" back into your pocket with even more money simply by leveraging on powerful investment vehicles!
How to carry on your legacy of good financial shape even after you've stopped working,
The common investment mistakes you should be avoiding as they'll suck your money out like a void!
The truth behind the credit card(s) you keep in your wallet and how you can cover up your money leak by at least 10-65%!
Several small "money leak" holes you must be aware of and how you can put a cork in them!
How to choose the right financial advisors, planners and brokers to be in your team!
How to have your hard-earned money work HARDER for you in simple ways even a klutz can do it!
And much more!

"Even A Klutz Can Do It!"

Because you DON'T have to be a highly-paid executive to keep more money.

You DON'T have to be a rocket scientist to know how to live BIG on small budget.

You DON'T need to know complicated math or accounts to handle your finances. Simple plus, minus, times and divide will do.

"Become Your Own Personal Finance Guru Today!"

For only $37.00, grab a copy of this manual, absorb the information within and take control of your finances the next day and live a happier life, knowing that you'll have abundance of money to keep at the end of month and they're working hard for you instead of you working hard for them!

It's a steal rather than a bargain, in ways more than one, since I'm offering you simple-to-use techniques on mastering your finances - ALL packed into one powerful manual.

last but not least, I'm concluding my offer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee you cannot resist. Try the manual's information for a FULL 90 days and watch your financial results. If it's not what you're looking for or dissatisfied with it for any reason at all, simply email me and I'll give you your money back - every single cent of it. No questions asked.

That's right. You can't lose.

So order now - the sooner you grab this copy, the sooner you can yank yourself out of your financial disaster, clear your debts and live a happier life!

Amount: $37.00


[Insert Your Name Here]

P.S. It's even more expensive to stay buried under a mountain of bills and debt created by your own financial ignorance. Isn't it about time you know something you should be knowing way back from school (which they didn't teach you, by the way)?

P.P.S. The sooner you grab your copy of this manual, the sooner you can be in command of your financial success. The choice is clear. Order now.