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Dear Marketing Self-Starter,

If you have a business, there are probably a number of day to day functions that could be outsourced to great advantage right this minute.

"And why outsource?" you ask.

As an Internet Entrepreneur, even though you are blessed with the high technology to automate some to most parts of your business - that conventional businesses cannot - there are still tasks that require the need for human touch.

And as your business grows bigger, you would come to realize that you can automate only so many things.

For instance, regardless of how many questions you answer via your FAQ on your helpdesk, it still requires a REAL human behind the online helpdesk to answer any queries or offer support to your end-users.

"Hey, I can do that on my own," you probably think. Sure, but when your business grows so huge you're managing tens to hundreds of tickets a day, wouldn't it be wiser to outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

"That's Just ONE Scenario."

What about product creation? Graphic designing? Copywriting? Installing and customizing software and scripts? Not only would it take almost forever to know everything (and you and I know no one person can know everything), it would take literally forever to get everything done on your own.

And the result? You get exhausted and burn out one day.

Going on a vacation would then be a really good idea to run away from doing something you like. But with your business already too sizable for a One-Man-Operation, you cannot afford to go for a vacation at this stage.

I don't want to be the bearer of the worst news, but I've heard of horror stories of individuals crashing and burning with their business simply because they took liberty of every responsibility in their business into their own hands.

Now how would you like to:

  • Avoid these impending Internet Business disasters,
  • Outsource your tasks to trusted people on the Internet and spare yourself the effort,
  • Enjoy more time and money off, and
  • Focus strictly on the important things of your business such as directing its growth and direction?

"Introducing OutSource Tactics Unleashed!"

PDF E-Book, 47 Letter-Sized Pages, Instant Download

Here's A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction to Outsourcing 7
1.1 Outsourcing - What it is and How it Benefits the Internet Entrepreneur 8
1.2 Outsourcing: Now or Later? 9
1.3 Full Time Staff versus Outsourcing to Agents - Pros and Cons 11

2.0 Tasks You Can Outsource 14
2.1 Outsourcing Your Advertising and Marketing Needs 15
2.2 Why Outsource Your Content Writing? 16
2.3 Finding a Competent Graphic Designer for Your Next Project 18
2.4 Finding a Great Virtual Assistant 19
2.5 Getting Help with Your Blogging 21
2.6 Outsourcing Your Copywriting Projects 22
2.7 Programming Needs and How to Outsource Them 24
2.8 Need a Book Ghostwriter? 25
2.9 Farming out Editing Jobs 27
2.10 Going the Agent Route with Your Sales Initiative 29

3.0 How to Negotiate Outsourcing Deals 31
3.1 Negotiating Your Outsourcing Deal 32
3.2 Outsourcing Definitely Shows Company Benefits 33
3.3 Choosing an Outsourcing Company to Handle the Your Phone Needs 35
3.4 Even Online Businesses Use Outsourcing 36
3.5 Outsourcing Contracts Can Be Confusing 38

4.0 Outsourcing - Tips and Tricks 40
4.1 Outsourcing Tips and Tricks 41
4.2 Outsourcing: Project Planning and Completion 42

Recommended Resources 45

"How Much Does This E-Book Cost You?"

First, let's see how much it would cost you if you don't own a copy of this manual today.

As always, you would go on working hard for the rest of your life, doing every single thing on your own. There will be no ghost of a chance in automating your business. I mean, YOU ARE THE BUSINESS.

You cannot enjoy more time off as and when you like. Sure, you might be fueled with enthusiasm and passion to keep you moving. But as long as you're human, you will burn out of exhaustion one day.

Simple because you won't start learning to trust other people much less discover where to find the best help at the best bargain.

And when teams and companies shoot to the top, you would wonder how they manage to achieve such spectacular results in the same time it took you to even create your first web site.

OR... you could enjoy that scenario and have it in your shoes... for only $47.00. A small price to pay for more time off and sparing your effort, don't you think?

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Warm Regards,
[Insert Your Name Here]

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